LYRICS / Quickie

give it up give it up quick to me
i gotta run, can we make this kinda quick you see
beat it up like you always do it to me
(i need your love but we gotta rush)
keep it low down low not too loud
do it hard make it fast, know i like it wild
make me scream like a witness on a murder scene
(wont you come and break me off)
we can do it outside on the hood of your truck
you can do me how you wanna just hurry up
beat it up, put it down til you get enough

im feening for your touch
wont you just tear me up
come get all of my love
not tryna be nasty, i just wanna quickie

making love all night sounds good to me
but i just need a little taste on my ?
and only you can stick it to me like it need to be
(i love the way you take over me)
make a girl wonder what the hell you put on me
when you pull up, bend me over im wet instantly
and i dont mind if youre selfish ima get mine
(grab me tight while i get on with mine)

you know what i want and i cant have it upfront
its a shame the way you work it im feening
baby hurry come on
give it to me, cause baby i need you
put it in deep, i gotta feel all of you
feelin freaky, take it from me, you got me bout to scream, oh!