Here we go once again for the ladies
Nivea, Lil Jon, Nivea, Lil Jon
Just got up in this party
tipsy off this bacardi
bout to take this flight
so high, say bye bye
be up in here all night long
my girl like hey that’s my song
cause i’m feeling fine
so fine, so fine, so fine

all the girls that feel me say.. oh yeah
in the club you here me say.. oh yeah
feeling good, feeling great
i look good, don’t hate
if the fellas feeling you say.. oh yeah
and they likin’ what you do say.. oh yeah
feeling good, feeling great
you look good girl tell ‘em don’t hate

A ll my girls
wit ya hair fixed
and your nails done
put your hands up and say
okay, okay, okay, okay,
you got a drink, get another one
make him pay for it
put it in, in there and say
okay, okay,okay, okay

Your hands all on my bootie
two steppin’ in my Gucci
they like go girl, go girl, go girl,
you like the way i shake it
you wanna see me naked
it could be your night
your night, your night

What’s Happenin shawty, I’m sean paul, let me holla atcha..what I gotta do..throw a couple dollas at cha?
Lift my arm, show my wrists tell ya that I ball,
pick you up in benz and take ya to the mall and all,
heres my number shawty in case u want the street thing,
look me up I’ll introduce you to a new game,
show you where I hang..girl you’ll be my sweet thang,
I love your style, love your nails and your tight jeans
I’m what u call a playa, baby how u love that?
A youngblood feeling good and never laid back
always run with that Goose and never Cognac
and keep my ears to these streets cuz that’s where home at
so whats shakin in this party, pour a drink up
and to my ladies lookin good throw your hands up
now where my fellas at, ya know how we get crunk
So DJ spin itback for me now stop