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Mixtape cover Tracklist

1. Ain’t No Sunshine
(co-produced by Mark Baldwin – guitar)
2. Stronger Than Pride
(recorded live by Eddie Hamilton)
3. Footsteps In The Dark
(co-produced by Sharod Virtuoso – guitar and Steve Ware Jr – bass)
4. Do You Know
5. I Want You

(All sounds produced by Theory)



  1. James Ingram says:

    Nivea has always had a beautiful talented voice!!! and has always had that voice that just make u say OMG! that girl can sang!!! I’ve been a big fan since she first came out and still am a fan and will always be a fan!! Its good to see that she is back! I’ve missed her and im sure all her other fans have! Loving the mixtape so much. Love how she mixed old skool bought it back! It shows the fans that without the old skool music there wouldnt be what er have today!! Can’t wait for her album in 2012!!! Love ya Nivea may god continue to bless you and shine upon you and ur family much love and success!!! Blessings!

  2. Stacy says:

    Love love love “Do You Know” a beautiful ballad- done superb. That’s the Nivea I love and look forwad to hearing. Thought I was crazy about “I Want You” , hands down this mixtape us off tha chain. Too bad it’s only 5 cuts but now I’m ready for a full album. Waiting*

  3. Nicholas Tyler says:

    Finally! Sooooo Excited! :D Welcome back Miss Nivea! <3 Can't Wait for whatever she has next!

  4. LiKitty says:

    OMG, I am loving it!!!! So happy to see ya back!!! Can’t wait for all the up and coming things you have in store for the fans!!

  5. Taria Foster says:

    Love your music Nivea and can’t wait to see what is your next step.

    Love you

  6. Aaron Howlett says:

    Nivea I know that sometimes you are busy but stop backing down from music. I used to love you as a little kid then you stoped making music and Beyonce’ came out. I mean to be honest you don’t even here things about you anymore. So come on, come out and top Beyonce’. I know that it will be COMPLICATED but you can do it.

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